White Dwarf #388
Wd 388
Cover art by Dave Gallagher
Editor Andrew Kenrick
Released April 2012
Pages 120
Price £4.50
ISSN 0265-8712
Issue Guide
WD 387 WD 389

Summary Edit

New ReleasesEdit

Citadel paints, How to Paint Citadel Miniatures, new paint starter sets, Warhammer: The Empire rulebook, various Empire miniatures, Space Marine Chapter tranfers.

The All New Citadel Paint RangeEdit

Information on the new Citadel paint range. Instructions on usage of each type of paint.

Citadel Miniature Painting Gude: Part OneEdit

Painting chart guide. Step by step guides to painting popular armies.

The Perfect Paint StationEdit

A labelled image showing the ideal painting station, promoting various Citadel products.

Sigmar's HeirsEdit

Information about the Empire nation, Sigmar's Heirs. Showcasing new miniatures.

The Reign of Karl FranzEdit

In detail article about the rules and background of the fantasy character, Karl Franz.

Civil War Part 4Edit

Final part of a series explaining a new fantasy game expansion. Background information on dates in the Fantasy universe.

Battle Mission: Death WorldsEdit

Article describing the imperial class of planets known as Death Worlds. Background informatino on four Death Worlds (Fenris, Sycorax, Luther McIntyre, Catachan). Accompanied by four battle missions explaining the Death World table rules.

Battle Report: The Wolf and the KrakenEdit

A battle report between the Space Wolves and Tyranid Hive fleet Kraken. Tyranid victory.

Army Project: Space WolvesEdit

An article showcasing the new Space Wolf miniatures and kits. Painting guides and some background information on the chapter.

A Tale of Four GamersEdit

The second installment of a Lord of the Rings based Tale of Four Gamers.

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