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This template is an infobox. It should be used on imperial aircraft pages to summarize key information.

If editing in source mode, copy and paste the following into the article and fill in the fields.

Any parameters left blank will not appear.

{{ infobox imperial aircraft
| name                  = 
| image                 = 
| caption               = 
| veichle designation   = 
| type                  = 
| forge world           = 
| known patterns        = 
| powerplant            = 
| max speed             = 
| operational ceiling   = 
| range                 = 
| transport capacity    = 
| access points         = 
| weight                = 
| length                = 
| width                 = 
| wingspan              = 
| height                = 
| main armament         = 
| secondary armament    = 
| traverse              = 
| elevation             = 
| primary ammo          = 
| secondary ammo        = 
| firing ports          = 
| turret                = 
| superstructure        = 
| hull                  = 
| gun mantlet           = 
| crew                  = 

Most information about imperial vehicles can be found in Imperial Armor volumes.

Parameter What to fill it with
name Aquila transparent.png Name of the book.
image Aquila transparent.png Front cover of the book. Remember to tag the image {{cover}} when uploading.
caption A relevant caption to the image.
veichle designation Most veichles have designation number or code. Can be found in Imperial Armor.
type Imperial Armor categorizes aircraft into types. Add the relevant type here.
forge world The forge world(s) where the aircraft is built.
known patterns All known patterns of the tank (in number form).
powerplant The powerplant of the aircraft.
max speed The max speed of the aircraft
operational ceiling The operational ceiling of the aircraft.
range The range of the aircraft as detailed in Imperial Armor
transport capacity If applicable, the transport capacity of the aircraft.
access points if applicable the access points to the aircraft.
weight The weight of the aircraft.
length The length of the aircraft.
width The width of the aircraft.
wingspan The wingspan of the aircraft.
height The height of the aircraft.
main armament The main armament of the aircraft.
secondary armament The secondary armament of the aircraft.
traverse The traverse of the aircraft.
elevation The elevation of the aircraft.
primary ammo The ammunition of the main armament.
secondary ammo The ammunition of the secondary armament.
firing ports If applicable the firing ports of the aircraft.
turret If applicable the armour on the aircraft's turret.
superstructure The thickness of the aircraft's superstructure.
hull The thickness of the aircraft's hull.
gun mantlet The thickness of the aircraft's gun mantlet.
crew A list of the crew.
Aquila transparent.png These fields are mandatory.

Infobox imperial aircraft
Imperial aircraft