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This template is an infobox. It should be used on creature pages to summarize key information.

NOTE: For sentient creature use Infobox sentient creature.

If editing in source mode, copy and paste the following into the article and fill in the fields.

Any parameters left blank will not appear.

{{Infobox creature
| name         = 
| image        = 
| caption      = 
| type         = 
| subtype      = 
| vision       = 
| lifespan     = 
| location     = 
| subspecies   = 
| height       = 
| length       = 
| weight       = 
| wingspan     = 
| skin colour  = 
| hair colour  = 
| eye colour   = 
| feathers     = 
Parameter What to fill it with
name Aquila transparent.png Name of the book.
image Aquila transparent.png Front cover of the book. Remember to tag the image {{cover}} when uploading.
imagewidth Add if necessary, choose the width (in pixels) of the image. Default is 250px.
caption If necessary, a relevant caption to the image.
type The type of creature.
subtype The subtype of creature.
vision The visual capacities of the creature(e.g. low-light vision).
lifespan The natural lifespan of the creature (without technology or magic).
height Height of the creature.
length Natural skin tones of the creature.
weight Weight of the creature
wingspan If applicable the wingsapn of the creature.
skin colour Natural skin colour of the creature.
hair colour Natural hair tones of the creature.
eye colour Natural eye colour of the creature
feathers If applicable natural colour and arrangement of feathers.
Aquila transparent.png These fields are mandatory.

Infobox creature