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This template is an infobox. It should be used on Chaos God pages to summarize key information.

If editing in source mode, copy and paste the following into the article and fill in the fields.

Any parameters left blank will not appear.

{{Infobox chaos god
| name            = 
| image           = 
| caption         = 
| god of          = 
| aliases         = 
| sacred number   = 
| favoured weapon = 
| enemy god       = 
| daemons         = 
Parameter What to fill it with
name Aquila transparent.png Name of the god.
image Aquila transparent.png The symbol of the god.
caption If necessary, a relevant caption.
god of Aquila transparent.png One of two words describing the God's domain.
aliases Other names of the God.
sacred number The god's sacred number.
favoured weapon The god's favoured weapon.
enemy god The god's opposing god.
daemons Daemons under this God's control.
Aquila transparent.png These fields are mandatory.

Infobox chaos god
Chaos God of