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Use this template to cite a white dwarf article, only if a template does not already exist for that issue.

REMEMBER: Most White Dwarf issues have templates built specifically for them. See White Dwarf citations for a list of issues with pre-built templates.

{{Cite white dwarf
| issue      = 
| month      = 
| year       = 
| issn       = 
| pages      = 
Parameter What to fill it with
issue Aquila transparent.png The issue number of the magazine.
month The month the issue was released
year Aquila transparent.png The year the issue was released
issn The ISSN of the issue
pages The pages of the issue you wish to reference (e.g. 34-36).

REMEMBER: To add the REF tags either side of every citation.



This is an example of this templates usage.

{{Cite white dwarf|issue=388|month=April|year=2012|issn=0265-8712|pages=78-79}}


White Dwarf 388 (April  2012)  ISSN 0265-8712 pages 78-79.