Land Raider (MkV)
Land raider ultra
Land Raider in Ultramarines colours.
Number 3 of the 2nd Company.
Imperial tank
Veichle designation 0120-766-0724-PR 113
Forge world(s) Mars
Known patterns II-XXVII
Powerplant Adaptable thermic combustion (with auxiliary reactor)
Max speed on-road 55kph
Max speed off-road 48kph
Length 10.3m
Width 6.1m
Height 4.11m
Ground clearance 0.45m
Primary 2x Twin-linked Lascannons
Secondary 2x Twin-linked Heavy Bolters
Traverse 180°
Elevation -32° to +42°
Primary ammo Unlimited from powerpacks.
Secondary ammo 2,600 rounds
Superstructure 95mm
Hull 95mm
Driver, Commander

Source: IA: Vol. 2 p.85
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