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Horus Rising
Horus rising cover.jpg
Series The Horus Heresy
Author(s) Dan Abnett
Publisher The Black Library
Released 25 April 2006
Pages 416
ISBN 10 184416294X
ISBN 13 978-1844162949
The seeds of heresy are sown

–Book's tag-line

Horus Rising is the first volume of the Horus Heresy series of novels.


Horus Rising details the rise to power of the Warmaster Horus, Primarch of the Luna Wolves Legion, after the Emperor of Mankind appoints him commander of the Imperial military and places him in charge of the Great Crusade. Much of the focus is on the Captain of the Luna Wolves' 10th Company, Garviel Loken, as he becomes a member of the Mournival (an advisory body to Horus), and his involvement in campaigns against Traitors and aliens at the close of the Great Crusade.


Edition Pages ISBN 13 Publisher Published
Hardcover 320 9781844164981 The Black Library 2006
Softcover 416 9781844162949 The Black Library 2006
E-book 9780857870216 The Black Library 2010
Audiobook 9780857871114 The Black Library 2010
Audiobook 9781849700153 The Black Library 2011
Anniversary (softcover) 416 9781849701112 The Black Library 2011

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