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Horus Heresy
Horus emperor adrian smith.png
Military conflict
Date M31
Place Imperium of Man
Result Phyrric Loyalist victory
Imperial skull white.png Loyalists Chaos icon.pngTraitors
Emperor of Mankind Horus
Nine SM Legions,
Loyal Imperial army,
Loyal Collegia Titanica,
Sisters of Silence,
Adeptus Custodes
Nine Chaos SM Legions,
Traitor Imperial Army,
Dark Mechanicum,
Lost and the Damned
Casualties and losses
Emperor mortally wounded,
2 Primarchs killed,
1000s of Space Marines killed
Horus killed,
1000s of Space Marines killed
Horus Heresy
Battle of Isstvan III, Burning of Prospero, Drop Site Massacre, Battle of Calth, Battle of Signus Prime, Battle at the Phall system, Thramas Crusade, Schism of Mars, Battle of Terra
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