The Eldar are one of the most ancient races in the universe (with the exception of the Necrons). They had a glorifying empire until the eldar society became addicted to their intense emotions. These intense emotions manifested itself in the warp, which resulted in the birth of Slaanesh.

The Eldar that have escaped from Slannesh's corruption vowed to dedicate themselves to Paths, where they would learn a specific skill and when they have finished moved on to the next path. However, most Eldar at some point are unable to move on to another path, but become veterans of the path they have chosen. The most notable path is the Path of the Warrior.

Paths Edit

  • Path of the Seer
  • Path of the Warrior
  • Path of the Mariner
  • Path of the Leader
  • Path of the Builder

Units Edit

HQ Edit

Troops? Edit

  • Swooping Hawks
  • Striking Scorpions
  • Fire Dragons
  • Warp Spiders