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Dark Angels
Dark angels shoulder.png
Colour scheme dark angels.png
Space Marine Chapter
Founding First Founding
Legion number I
Primarch Lion El'Jonson
Chapter Master Azrael
Homeworld Caliban
Fortress The Rock
Battle cry Repent!
For tomorrow you die!
Colours Dark green, white
Successor chapters
Angels of Absolution, Angels of Redemption, Angels of Vengeance, Guardians of the Covenant, Consecrators, Disciples of Caliban


The Great Crusade[]

The Dark Angels were the first Space Marine Legion to be created by The Emperor.[1][2] Their Primarch, Lion El'Jonson was found on the planet Caliban. At the time Lion was part of a group of Caliban knights known as the Order.[3] The Emperor immediately gave control of his first legion to El'Jonson. The legion had been created from the Primarch's DNA samples.[4] Lion El'Jonson named his legion the Dark Angels, in reference to a Caliban legend. The legend describes incredible creatures who descended to Caliban in ancient times, to hold off monsters.[5]

Caliban was made the home of the Dark Angels and the entire order was moved into the ranks of the Dark Angels. The knights who were young enough, were implanted with the Dark Angel gene seed. The older knights were given transformative surgery. This surgery did not match the strength and resilience of a Space Marine but the knight's experience and skill more than made up for it. The first knight to undergo this surgery was Jonson's second in command, Luther.[4]

The Dark Angels then joined the Emperor in the Great Crusade. After a number of campaigns Luther was sent back to Caliban to oversee the training and recruitment of new Dark Angels. Although it was an important role, Luther didn't see it as such. Luther would much rather be fighting alongside Lion.[4]

No records of the Dark Angels' battles during the Great Crusade were kept. It is known however that the Dark Angels became one of the most masterful and tenacious Legions, claiming more victories than the fearsome Space Wolves. This started a heated rivalry between El'Jonson and Leman Russ. As reports reached Caliban describing the many victories of the Dark Angels, Luther became more and more disheartened with his role as Governor.[4]

The Horus Heresy[]

The Great Betrayal[]

Post Heresy[]



Base of Operations[]





Headquarters the Rock[]



Company badges[]

Each company has it's own badge. These badges can be used on banners and vehicles. Infantry wear their Company badge on the left knee pad.[6][7]

1st Company 2nd Company 3rd Company 4th Company 5th Company
Da deathwing badge.png Da ravenwing badge.png Da 3rd company badge.png Da 4th company badge.png Da 5th company badge.png
6th Company 7th Company 8th Company 9th Company 10th Company
Da 6th company badge.png Da 7th company badge.png Da 8th company badge.png Da 9th company badge.png Da 10th company badge.png

Squad markings[]

The squad badges are generally worn on the right shoulder pad. The red shape shows they squad type, with the squad number overlapped in white.[6][7]

This table shows examples of badge combinations;

1st Tactical Squad 2nd Tactical Squad 3rd Tactical Squad 4th Devastator Squad 5th Assault Squad
Da squad 1st tactical.png Da squad 2nd tactical.png Da squad 3rd tactical.png Da squad 4th devastator.png Da squad 5th assault.png

Sacred Standards[]

The Dark Angels most revered banners are the three Sacred Standards. Each banner dates back to the Great Crusade. It is customary for only one banner to be used at a time. The remaining two are kept safe in the Great Hall on the Rock.[8][9][6]

Standard of Fortitude[8] Standard of Devastation[8] Standard of Retribution[8]
Da standard fortitution.png Da standard devastation.png Da standard retribution.png

Successor Chapters[]

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