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Chaos, also known as the Primordial Truth or, to the forces of the forces of the Imperium of Man, as the Archenemy. Chaos is the opposite of Order. The servants of Chaos are mosly Daemons or heretics and traitors, which include the traitor Chaos Space Marines, heretics, renegade guardsmen, rogue psykers and others. The domain of Chaos is the Warp or Immaterium, which is pure psychic energy. In the Warp reside the Daemons, the lesser and greater servants of the Chaos Gods. The nature of Chaos is to currupt and this goes best with humans, who compose most of the mortal servants of Chaos. The embodiment of Chaos are the Chaos Gods.

Chaos Gods[]

The Chaos Gods, or the Dark Gods are extremely powerful beings that rule over Chaos. Their followers are mostly their slaves, but the Gods tend to reward those who prove themselves, while punishing those who fail with an eternity of suffering.


Khorne is the Blood God and most savage of the Gods. His followers commit massacres to their lord. Khorne is also one of the oldest Gods, if not the oldest, as he was created during the mid second millenium. He sits on a massive throne, known as the Skull Throne, which grows bigger with each dead foe of his followers. His main enemy is the Chaos God Slaanesh, the Prince of Pleasure.