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Events by Year (Imperial calendar)
996.M41 997.M41 998.M41 999.M41 - - -
  • (718999.M41) Hive Fleet Leviathan begins it's invasion of the Ork occupied Octavius system.[1]
  • (???999.M41) The Tyranid Hive Fleet Leviathan attacks it's first Ork-owned planet, Orrok, and overwhelms it in one night. The planet is harvested and reinforcements gathered for an assault on the Ork capital world Octarius. Octarisu is not as easy to defeat. Bloody melee battles rage across the entire planet. Three Ork Leaders are assasinated by the Swarmlord and two continents taken by the Hive Fleet. Battle rages on.[2]
  • (975999.M41) Contact with Ultima Macharia is lost as the Astronomican weakens. Macragge and Cypra Mundi become almost impossible to communicate with.[2]
  • (978999.M41) The Imperial Navy's moorings at Bakka are crippled by Dark Eldar raiders.[2]
  • (980999.M41) The Chogoris, Kaelas and Sessec systems are brought under seige by a massive fleet of Chaos Space Marines. The huge fleet emerged from the Maelstrom under command of Huron Blackheart.[2]
  • (982999.M41) The Great Awakening. After a ripple of psychic activity passes through the Imperium numerous latent psykers dormant powers are awakened. The backlash of the ripple creates innumerable Warp rifts, resulting in the loss of a thousand imperil world to daemonic incursions.[2]
  • (986999.M41) Numerous failures in the Golden Throne (the Emperor's life support) are discovered by Tech Priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus. These failures are deemed far beyond their ability to repair.
  • (987999.M41) The Cypra Segmentus system is atttacked by Necrons. This is the first activity of it's kind within 200 light years of Terra.[2]
  • (989999.M41) The Ultramarines 3rd Company liberate the Lagan system from the Tau Empire.[2]
  • (990999.M41) In order to cut off resources of Hive Fleet Leviathan, the Eldar of Biel Tan and Saim Hann attack numerous Ork and Imperial targets surrounding the Octavius system.[2]
  • (992999.M41) The Night of a Thousand Rebellions. numerous uprising and rebellions begin to appear all over the imperium. Rebel planets include worlds like, Enceladus, Darkhold and Minisotira despite being trusted secure planets. Vast numbers of planets from the Segmentum Pacificus lose contact with Terra.[2]
  • (995999.M41) Warmaster Abaddon launches his 13th Black Crusade. The armies of Chaos invade Cadia and many surrounding worlds. Despite a furious counter-attack, there appears to be no end to the dark forces of the Chaos gods.[2]


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