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The Battle for Cadrim[]

  • (134926.M41) The Bluegard Massacre. Necrons ambush the White Scars and Evil Sunz batting at the Bluegard Plateua.[1]
  • (189926.M41) Fellstorm Airfield falls to Skullrumpa. This allows the Orks to employ numerous hit-and-run attacks on the Necrons and White Scars.[1]
  • (209926.M41) As they chase Tomb Blades across the Vallron Desert, Skullrumpa's Speed Freek mobs are hunted down by the Doom Scythe squadron known as the Hand of Tarekh.[1]
  • (332926.M41) A Deathwatch kill team joins the White Scars after making planetfall. Together the make their way to the center of a Necron tomb, battling Canoptek guardians. They plant nucleonic charges. The explosion destroys thousands of dormant Necrons.[1]
  • (332926.M41) Cryptek Drizyan activates a planet-wide jamming signal. Orbiting forces lose communication with ground-forces, limiting re-enforcement.[2]
  • (332926.M41) The White Scars manage to slay a band of Ork Lootas before they cannibalize the downed Stormtalon Spear of Chogoris. The craft is repaired by techmarine Vor'Torro. The white scars then launch a counter-attack on the Ork-held Dreska Bastion.[2]


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