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Tick green.png This page is an official policy on the 40k Wiki. It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow. When editing this page, please ensure that your revision reflects consensus. When in doubt, discuss first on the talk page.

This policy explains this Wiki's attitude on banning and the correct procedure required to ban someone.

This Wiki's attitude towards banning has risen from the personal experience of our users. This attitude is quite simple.

Banning is highly discouraged.
Most disputes can be settled simply by talking with each other.

Banning procedure

Despite this, of course, a small minority of people do take advantage of the freedom that Wikia gives. Users who deliberately and regularly break rules can ruin the Wiki for others.

1. A user must be nominated for banning.
2. After reviewing the nomination, an admin will decide whether to take it further.
3. In total two admins and two normal editors must support the ban.
4. If these criteria are met, the user will be banned for 4 months.
5. The ban will be logged at 40k Wiki:Ban log.

Nominating a user to be banned

To nominate another user to be banned, leave a message on an admin's talk page. Use the {{ban nomination}} template.

The admin will then review the nomination and decide whether or not to continue.

Fast Ban

If a user is clearly vandalizing the wiki, an admin can issue a fast ban. This will ban the user for no more than three days. In this time the full procedure for a normal ban should be carried out.

This is a short term solution. Fully banning these users still requires the consent of two admins and two regular users.